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Children under a parachute in a Phonics Fox class


The Phonics Fox Juggling Letters

Welcome to The Phonics Fox!

Welcome to The Phonics Fox® - Imaginative early literacy classes where learning is fun! We are passionate about teaching phonics, the building blocks of reading and writing. Our method is to create an all encompassing experience using stories and creative play which lay the foundations for learning.

Our aim is to develop confidence, imagination and a lifelong love of literacy to give children the best possible head start learning to read and write. 

About Our Classes

Our unique The Phonics Fox® classes are suitable for children aged 2-5 years. The class content is centred on the sound (s) of the week and a carefully selected theme / story based on the children’s own interests. Our lovable character, 'Phonics' the Fox helps to bring learning alive!


With our support, children begin to learn to read effortlessly and they develop gross and fine motor skills that are needed for writing. We provide exciting activities that are varied and stimulating, allowing your child to learn through play, make choices and develop at their own pace. You are welcome to talk to us to decide if your child is ready to join us or you can book a trial class. Come to learn and play with The Phonics Fox®!

The Phonics Fox
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