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The Phonics Fox® - South Warwickshire


I’m really excited to be bringing The Phonics Fox’s innovative, fun classes to South Warwickshire. I was introduced to The Phonics Fox by my sister who attended classes with both her children. She couldn’t say enough positive things about the classes and how they had set up her daughters so well for starting school.


I qualified as a primary school teacher in 2006 and have taught across all age groups, working both in the UK and in China. I specialise in teaching foreign languages and enjoy using my language-teaching skills to enhance children’s learning. Having Reception age children during lockdown, I was very involved in their phonics learning at home and loved making their learning fun and interactive. Most recently I have worked in a Reception class, which has reinforced the huge benefit that early phonics teaching offers children.


In our house we all love reading and, as a parent, it was wonderful to see the excitement and the sense of achievement my children felt as they started decoding the language around them. With The Phonics Fox, I feel hugely privileged to be part of a child’s reading and writing journey.

Booking is now open for Summer Term 2024 classes. Book here! Please fill in our Interest Form to be added to our waiting lists.

Juggling Phonics Fox

Class Times

  • Classes coming soon!

  • Classes coming soon!

  • 2nd Warwick Scout HQ 10.15am

  • Classes coming soon!

  • Rugrats & Half Pints, Banbury 10.15am

  • 2nd Warwick Sea Scout Hut HQ, TS Norton CV34 4QY

  • Rugrats and Half Pints, Beaumont Road, Banbury OX16 1QY

Child and mother looking for objects in a tray of foam

We are so sad it’s over! Thank you so much for a brilliant six weeks. Leandro has learned so much and his confidence in writing has been amazing! Before we started, he wouldn’t even pick up a pen or pencil and try to write as he would get frustrated, but now he can hold it correctly and has even managed to write the letters he has learned!

Thank you -You were amazing!

Louisa Stakounis

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