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This adaptable game (with full instructions) is fantastic for working on blending and segmenting. It starts with the most basic c-v-c words; eg 'sun' and 'bed' and works up to more complex words that have just three sounds but may be represented by digraphs- eg. 'ch/ai/n' and 'sh/ar/k'. It really helps to ensure that children are using the sounds to create the words and you can ascertain whether they can HEAR the sounds in the words.


The game comes with 52 different word pictures- each with a phoneme frame to fill with three sounds. There are pages with the sounds written on in a circle which you can print (multiple copies) OR you can write the sounds on milk bottle tops- which fit perfectly in the spaces and give the game an extra sensory dimension.


If you laminate the game, you can extend the learning by writing in the phoneme frame with a dry wipe pen.


This is a print from home resource. When you have paid for the product, you will be able to download it straight away.

Frame it! CVC word game

  • This game and most of the images within it are the Intellectual Property of The Phonics Fox. Please do not attempt to reproduce this material in any format or to sell it.

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