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There's more to handwriting than meets the eye!

Before a child can hold a pencil effectively, they need to develop their fine and gross motor skills. These skills are an essential part of a readiness to write.

You can help your child to develop these skills through fun activities.

First things first, get off the devices!..

We do recognise just how educational our devices are. They are essential for our online classes and essential for all our home-schooling in the current climate.

However, in order to develop the skills needed to write, we need to go back to basics!

(NB- children develop handwriting skills within our classes with our #squigglewhilstyouwiggle #spreadthehappiness This is SO much fun and you should try it!)

So, what kind of things can we do to develop our child's fine and gross motor skills to get their hands, bodies and brains ready for writing?...

Climbing trees, monkey bars, swings and slides all help to develop gross motor skills.

Cooking, play dough, construction toys and craft activities all help to develop fine motor skills.

Have a look at what you already do DAILY to help your child's motor skills.

It is probably more than you think!


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