The Phonics Fox® - Long Eaton 
and surrounding areas


Tel: 07933 145076

Hello! I'm Melanie! I am excited to join The Phonics Fox®!


I will be bringing these exciting, educational classes to Long Eaton and surrounding areas in September 2021.

I am passionate about literacy and phonics and giving children the very best start to their education. I am a very experienced primary school teacher. I have led Literacy in schools for over ten years and supported other schools in raising standards in literacy. I have also been a manager for Early Years Foundation Stage and led Key Stage One.

I am a mother to two children- who are now grown up. I taught my own children to read and write using phonics and I saw how it gave them confidence when starting school.

I have been looking for phonics classes that I can teach and was really pleased when I found The Phonics Fox®. I think it's really important to introduce phonics as early as possible, and most importantly that children have fun and learn through playing. I love how the classes engage the children and that their adults / carers are involved. Classes also help adults to support children with methods that are being taught in school.

I have seen, first hand, how phonics has helped my own children and children in schools. Reading and writing is important for all subjects, not just literacy. I feel passionate about introducing phonics earlier to children, to give them a solid foundation for their learning; with lots of fun along the way!

I can't wait to be part of your children's learning journeys and share the magic of The Phonics Fox® with you too!

My older boy starting The Phonics Fox class when he was 2 and has progressed so well. The way Chloe runs the class is amazing as my boy will copy and do the same through role play at home.


My younger boy also loves the classes and from 15 months he started saying the letter sounds. Both of my boys have developed so much from going to these classes so can’t recommend them highly enough and thank Chloe for all the hard work she puts in.

Raj Grewal